What About

And what about the realization that you will be the first person to ever, ever NOT step on the Moon, not invent the Internet, not create leggings for dogs?

But have the once-in-a-countless-lifetimes privilege to be you, YOU, so unapologetically you?

How would that feel?

And not only the first person ever, but also the last one.

Do you even come close to the understanding that only you and nobody ever before and ever again can achieve what you can tomorrow?

If this is not the highest achievement, I honestly can’t imagine what is.

Do you realize you hold that power, that miracle?
Accept it and live it out loud, and you will be the greatest hero of all times.

But how? Simply living an ordinary life?

Being born, going to school, getting married, having kids, writing a book, creating own business… No, no, these are small negligible things cause someone already did them, you would think.

Wait. Sit down and calmly consider what nobody has ever done and nobody would ever do.
(Hint: Nobody could be you.)

As much as they tried, as close as they came.

They might have the same clothes, went to the same university and got the same diploma, maybe even have the same business idea you have. They might even get your spouse and kids if you let that happen.

So what makes you stand out?

It’s the way you perceive all those things and live through them.

The unique angle and outlook on life which no one can duplicate.

Because the lenses you see the world through are yours and only yours to have.

Even if technology is now fast advancing and AI can mirror humans up to a crazy extent. It still cannot be exactly like you. As it will be a copy, and you are an original.

“But still, who would ever want to be me?”, you might say.

Now stop and think.

Describe to me how it feels to be the pioneer, the discoverer of new territory? And at the same the last man who ever had the chance to see it, to live through it?

It’s like you were the first and last person to step in sea-engulfed Atlantida.

It makes it double special and impossible for anyone else to achieve.

I believe there are no impossible things but this one is – for anyone else but you.

Other people can have your clothes but not your style.
Your house but not your home.
Your spouse but not your marriage.
Your job but not your work.
Your circumstances but not your life.

Each one of us is an infinitesimal, yet at the same time, an infinite walking phenomenon.

A masterpiece in progress.

Have you ever looked at yourself as the wonder you are? Have you ever seen it?

Have you ever thought that you are a unique mixture of past experiences, current thought patterns, and future expectations?

I agree some stars shine brighter.

And some might even not be stars but just a reflection of them. But this all depends on size and distance and they are so many, so unique. And each one has its own destiny and path.

Wanting to be another and being sorry that you are you is a waste of life.

It’s like humankind refusing to exist simply because they don’t live on the biggest planet. Oblivious of the fact it has no water and air.

We’ve got our own small piece of Universe and we’ve got to do the best we can with it.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” (John Wooden)

Oh, and by the way, you can still be the first person who invented the teleport.

Promise we won’t complain.