Comfort Zoned

Have you ever been after that one dream, that one thing you’ve always wanted?

Have you ever gotten so, so close, you were convinced you are totally gonna make it? Like, you need just one more step and you’ve made it?

No doubt about it.

And then it all falls down.

Crumbles right before your unbelieving eyes. The most unexpected “unexpected” happens, the stars are not aligned, fate hates you… This can’t be real, can’t be really happening, right?

You’ve been comfort zoned.

Life has just brought you right back where you’ve started. From scratch, everything all over again… Will you have the strenght to do it?

This is the moment most people give up.

They decide they suck, they will never be enough, they should have never tried, to begin with.

So is that the end? The end of your happily ever after and all of your dreams?

We human beings are kind of fragile.

Even if our packaging does not come stamped with “Please, handle with care”.

We get a single tiny crack but we feel like we are down in pieces.
Like we could never be stitched back together again.

Even if we only have this small crack, we would already feel like rubbish. Like something completely unworthy.

Well, as much as you can only feel like this, it is far from the truth.

You see, life is just a bit selective.

It doesn’t simply grant wishes (as far as I am aware).

It would like to test you. To watch you prove you are a fighter who is not quitting at the first challenge encountered.

It wants to see you learn, it wants to see you grow. To become stronger and aim even higher.

The fact you are back at the start can only inspire you to be better this time.

Falling down after being high is a scary thing.

It kills your will for standing up back again. It is far easier to complain and blame it on everything else, right?

Far more comfortable to just give up.

And pretend you never wanted that thing that much anyways. To leave it all behind, blame it on naiivety and go back to the “real” world. To settle down.

In the comfort zone.

But the comfort zone is not that bad, is it? It feels so comfortable…

Leave it. Just get up and go. Yes, please. Listen to my message. Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself.

Go out of your comfort zone. Do it once. Then you will see it is not that hard to keep doing it.

It fuels your life. It gives you a spark you know you want. It makes you more of the person you want to be.

So please, don’t tell me that you can’t. That it is too complicated. That you would like to but…

Those are all excuses.

There is always, always a starting point. Going out of your comfort zone does not mean jumping straight away into your biggest challenge. Unless you are ready for it, of course.

But as a beginning, just do something. As small as it may seem.

Ask a stranger for directions when you are sure you need some and they will save you time and hassle looking for a place on your own.
Get up and close the window when you are cold at your new job instead of waiting on somebody else do it.

There are many ways of challenging yourself.

Don’t look at me as if this is not the truth.

Don’t tell me there is nothing you can do at the moment.

You have to wait to be promoted, right? To finally pay attention to your own personal growth.

You have to wait to lose 5 kg, right? Before you could ask him out. You have to be a pro, right? Before you start your own business. And you have to be a super crazy person to go on a trip without knowing where you’d sleep the night after, right?

Stop telling yourself who you need to be in order to get what you want.

Start asking what needs to be done so that you get there.

And then do it. Little by little, one step at a time.

Look for your opportunities, because they can’t always find you.
Especially if you hide so successfully in your comfort zone.

Do this, or stop dreaming.

Yes, you read that right.

This is the alternative. There is no in between.

Either work for real towards your goals or stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you give up. Say it out loud that you are no longer going after what you most wanted in this life.

No, you are not gonna do it tomorrow. Stop fooling yourself. Just don’t do that anymore.

From now on you are a person without any dreams and aspirations. Do you really deserve achieving your deepest desires if you never moved a finger to get even a centimeter closer to them?

Now close your eyes and imagine.

Imagine how you delete everything on your bucket list. Imagine how you let go of the visions of successful you. Yes, also wave goodbye to those hopes of real love.

And now tell me, how does this whole thing feel? Does it make you lighter, happier?

If that’s the case, then congrats.

Those dreams were not yours to achieve. They were somebody else’s instilled in your brain somehow. But not in your heart.

However, if you feel like there is no longer point in existing, that life has suddenly lost its meaning, then you should already know, right?

That quitting is not an option. And that it never was.

You don’t want that feeling of emptiness and failure to follow you around your whole life. You don’t want to burry those dreams along with your dead body. You don’t want to live the last days of your life in regret.

So here it goes. Do it while you still can.

Change is not easy, nobody said it was. But leaving your comfort zone and doing the work to make things happen is worth it any pain you will encounter on the path.

Of course, you will often forget about your wins (maybe even now you are unaware of some of them!). You will be lost without any focus and directions many more times than you can count.

But this is all part of the process. All part of the challenge. Of proving you are worthy of what you claimed.

Would be cool if they would hire me as a developer with a starting salary of $150,000 USD without any knowledge and experience, wouldn’t it?
But to get that job, I need to prove I am worthy of it and that I will actively contribute to the company. So this is when I should provide my small wins – certificates, CV, just my skills – to show I am worth the shot.

You will apply for many jobs throughout your lifetime (i.e. many dreams).

Most of these might go unnoticed, but every now and then, life will throw an opportunity your way. It will invite you for an interview. And it is your own responsibility to prepare and to impress. To be persistent and to show you deserve that chance.

So think again before you quit. Before you come up with yet another creative excuse.

Leave your comfort zone.

Stay with your dreams.

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