Meant to Break

So many people stumble upon the meant to be feeling, don’t they?

But how many of them move on to the meant to be reality?

Many times, what felt like it was meant to be, was destined to be meant to break.

But here’s the thing.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

To be honest, I haven’t tested if diamonds are forever, but I know nothing much really is. Everything comes and goes, so what makes love the odd one out?

Most definitely, love that’s meant to be, exists. I am not here to deny that.

I just want to acknowledge love that’s meant to break is just as significant and beautiful part of life.

Aren’t the break of dawn, the butterfly breaking the chrysalis some of the most beautiful parts of life?

Haven’t the broken hearts of humankind produced some of the finest things life has to offer – poetry, art, maybe even wine?

In the end, love is love. Nothing more and nothing less. Even if it didn’t last, even if it ended all in tears.

Sometimes love means destruction, simply because we still have to learn how to build.

Sometimes love means to break both of us, so that we can see we are whole even without it.

So that we can finally notice our own cracks and tend to them, not try to cover them behind a shiny armour.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

I know what your fear is. I really do.

You are afraid a crack might mean you pour out completely. Become utterly empty, just a shell of yourself.

However, a break through your walls, more often than not, leads to a breakthrough if you’d let that happen.

So yeah. Since the very beginning, some loves are only meant to break us.

And that’s okay. Completely okay.

Should you look better after it next time? Should you handle it with extra care?

Maybe, or maybe not.

Remember, it is not love that’s fragile. It’s you.

So look after yourself. Go pick up those broken pieces and put them back together.

Next time love pours in, it will stay.

Because it genuinely means to.

Don’t anticipate a break or just assume love’s pefect and it will never break.

Love may or may not be perfect, it’s not on me to tell.

But you, and the people you love, and will love, are not.

We have our shortcomings, and that’s okay.

It’s okay to have a love meant to break so that you can learn to spot a love meant to last.

You wouldn’t want to miss that last one, would you?

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