FEAR = Fake, Erroneous, Absurd Restraint

If I asked any of you what fear is, I would get tons of different answers as we all perceive it in our own way.

From all the quotes I’ve read over the web (I love quotes, so you will definitely encounter some here) I saw fear can be described as pretty much everything.

Just like the way we can fear pretty much everything.

So what is it really?

Fear is a biological mechanism that keeps us alive.


It keeps me from bungee jumping without the bungee.
It keeps me from trying to be a bestie with a shark.

Maybe we should thank fear for the existence of mankind. If it wasn’t for it our predecessors might have gone extinct because of trying to be besties with mammoths.

Fear is simply a part of us; it is a survival instinct which animals possess.

When something scares the shit out of you, some stimuli are crossing your body back and forth, most often telling you to run. And you normally run except if you panic.

But I’m not competent enough and I’m lazy enough to speak of the physiological aspect of fear and Wikipedia is free for all, isn’t it?

So now I’m going to share another secret with you.

You think fear keeps us alive?

Well, you’ll have to think again.

While it is true that fear can save our lives, most of the time it does exactly the opposite.

Fear can be a real badass.

Quite often it tells you to run from things you actually shouldn’t be. There are so many things in this life you have to face, but fear comes in and you go out of the battle.

And that’s wrong.

That’s so wrong.
Instead, “as soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it” (Chanakya). Otherwise, it will destroy you. Do you still think fear is your savior?

Fear is a killer.

It has killed so many possibilities for happiness and countless number of dreams.

Fear keeps us dead.

It keeps us so well encaged into our comfort zone, that it would actually be easier to escape Alcatraz.

It is fear that stays in our way of living life to the fullest. It is exactly because fear is anything and because we fear anything that we end up fearing life.

And you know what the ironic part here is?

We ourselves are the ones who fuel our fears; we make them more powerful than our faith.

We put ourselves in a cage, lock it, and then we drop the key in our pocket. And it is so sad sometimes we won’t dare leave the cage for the rest of our lives.

However, there are times when fear actually keeps us alive.

And that’s when we overcome it.

Isn’t it exactly then that we feel like the world is ours? Like we can do anything because we are not afraid anymore?

“Use fear as an engine, not as a brake.”

Use fear as a trampoline for jumping over the walls of your comfort zone, because what lies on the other side is truly amazing.

Your dream world awaits you, full of colour and light.

And full of freedom.

That same freedom you took away from yourself when you locked the cage. Remember YOU got the key?

I agree that overcoming fears is not an easy task.

I fight that battle every day and most of the time I come out defeated.
Oh, but when I come out as a winner!

The feeling is indescribable – you have to try it yourself. And it is quite addicting. Once you’ve taken even the tiniest of fear down, you finally begin to believe in yourself.

And suddenly winning the next battle no longer seems impossible, even if the battle is bigger.

The opportunity to kick fear’s ass should never be missed and if you are anything like me – still miles away from being fearless and you miss opportunities just like I miss the morning bus, don’t be afraid. Every new day is a new opportunity and if you actually tried, then you haven’t missed it. You are now one step closer to your goal.

Is being fearless my goal?

Yes, it is.

To be fearless does not mean that you will no longer feel fear. It means that when fear blocks your way, you give your best to find the detour. It means that you are no longer caging yourself; you are not a fear’s hostage anymore.

I don’t know if there is a clear-cut difference between being fearless and being reckless. But sometimes we need some craziness just so that we can feel the thrill of living.

All the people who are safely grounded into their comfort zone will label anyone who dares to escape it crazy. And all the people who were brave enough to do that will call crazy the ones who weren’t. Simply because they chose safety over adventure and they are receiving boredom instead of excitement.

In the words of William G.T. Shedd, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” And a human is safe in his comfort zone, but that’s not what humans are for.

We are here to learn, to explore, to achieve what yesterday was thought impossible, and to inspire others do the same. The history is full of examples.

There is a brave warrior in all of us who is here to fight for our dreams but we put Fake, Erroneous, Absurd Restraints on him.

They are fake because it is only us who have the power to make them real.

They are erroneous because they shouldn’t be there.

They are absurd because we are crazy to restrain ourselves from what we want in life just for the sake of being safe.

If we want to live we shouldn’t fear death.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (F. D. Roosevelt)